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A threefold approach to rescue Sustainable Development Goals from failing

Rescuing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development from failing requires prioritizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), understanding the impacts of underachieving SDGs, and building a post-2030 Agenda based on scientific evidence. We propose a conceptual framework for ensuring sustainability beyond achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). a) The threefold scientific approach (left) combines three methods to rescue the 2030 Agenda from failing (right). b) Sustainability requires building social prosperity and foundations without transgressing planetary boundaries (the red areas), i.e., within the safe and just corridor for people and the planet (the white area). SDGs are a waypoint for sustainability. The safe and just corridor could narrow down over time due to the need to sustain an increased population with changing lifestyles. Grey lines illustrate sustainable development pathways of various counties, referring to the need for transformative changes. [Source: Pradhan 2023 National Science Review (]

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