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Published academic papers

The following academic papers have already been published. A number of other papers are currently in preparation and will be added to this site once published.

Warchold, A., Pradhan, P., & Kropp, J. P. (2021). Variations in sustainable development goal interactions: Population, regional, and income disaggregation. Sustainable Development, 29(2), 285-299.

Pradhan, P., Seydewitz, T., Zhou, B., Lüdeke, M. K., & Kropp, J. P. (2022). Climate extremes are becoming more frequent, co-occurring, and persistent in Europe. Anthropocene Science, 1(2), 264-277.

Warchold, A., Pradhan, P., Thapa, P., Putra, M. P. I. F., & Kropp, J. P. (2022). Building a unified sustainable development goal database: Why does sustainable development goal data selection matter? Sustainable Development, 30(5), 1278-1293.

Seydewitz, T., Pradhan, P., Landholm, D.M., Kropp, J.P., 2023. Deforestation Drivers Across the Tropics and Their Impacts on Carbon Stocks and Ecosystem Services. Anthropocene Science. 2 (1), 81–92.

Pradhan, P., 2023. A threefold approach to rescue the 2030 Agenda from failing. National Science Review 10 (7), nwad015.

Published data products

Seydewitz, T., 2022. Past and future weather extremes across Europe (v0.1) [Data set]. Zenodo.  

Mainar-Causapé, A., Fuentes-Saguar, P., de Schutter, L., Giljum, S. 2023. BCP/Bio-MRSUT 2015. Bio-economic Multi-regional Supply-Use Tables. [Data set]. Zenodo.

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