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Research approach

In a context of more intense and more frequent climate extremes, one of the key reserach challenges is to construct innovative methodological frameworks that are capable to capture the impacts and complex feedback loops among social and ecological systems. In taking up this challenge, BIOCLIMAPATHS will be able to analyse the impact of climate extremes on the food industry, renewable energy and the household level in society. From there on, new reserach avenues need to be developed together with EU bioeconomy stakeholders.

Cross-sectoral modeling framework

BIOCLIMAPATHS (BCP) develops the first methodological framework for comprehensive knowledge production on bioeconomy transition paths from a coupled social-ecological systems (SES) perspective. A social-ecological systems perspective embeds the inherent dependency of humans, and their societies, on functioning ecosystems.

For the BCP research team, in order to assess risks and vulnerabilities in a context of climate extremes, the SES research perspective implies the development of a cross-sectoral modeling framework that connects climate extremes, primary production and economic systems from a human agency perspective.

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